What you will experience

The programme is designed to maximise your learning through a process of experience-application-practise, focusing inward on your own behavioural patterns and personal development, as well as outward on how you inspire, connect, include and engage others to achieve results and create change. In particular, how you build successful relationships with both men and women in the multiplicity of roles that you encounter.


Your time investment will be made up of: 

  • A half day launch event
  • A relational 360 feedback and feedforward process
  • Four two-day learning modules (non-residential)
  • Three half-day Leadership-in-Practice groups
  • SPACE and PLACE: a small number of activities that will require short amounts of time outside of the modules.


Module 1 - illuminating Eclipsed Qualities

This module focuses on you and your leadership.
You will:

  • Recognise qualities that become eclipsed in your leadership, how they become eclipsed and experiment with ways to bring these qualities to light in your daily work
  • Realise the extent that SPACE and PLACE impact you, such as, how city culture influences your leadership identity
  • Learn how to make a difference through ‘leaderful moments’ in the most challenging of situations
  • Discover implicit and explicit ‘messages’ that shape your leadership
  • Enhance your self awareness, self belief and self confidence
  • Overcome self-limiting behaviours, taking bold steps that stretch you
  • Get to know your body’s response to situations and allow that to inform your actions
  • Become skilful in reflective practice

Module 2 - Navigating the world of leadership

In this module you will gain greater clarity on hidden dynamics that play out in the relationship between yourself, others and the world around you, giving you more choice in how you respond to situations and strengthening your relationship-building aptitude. 
You will:

  • Learn how to stay present and influential at top level meetings
  • Learn how to manage tensions and complex differences
  • Identify some of the many unseen barriers that inhibit you in your leadership
  • Develop the art of presence whilst staying true to your values and beliefs when you are the only female in the room
  • Developing your humour, wisdom and wit as qualities that will help you navigate tough and complex working environments.
  • Become aware of the deep assumptions on which you judge yourself and judge others

Module 3 - Making an impact

The collective leadership with groups, teams and collaborative opportunities is the focus of this module. 
You will:

  • Learn the dynamic balance of leadership through Qualities of Practice— how it is today and what is needed in the future
  • Develop a capacity to engage different leadership practices including new forms of team and group leadership
  • Undertake challenging assignments with your team and succeed
  • Become more skilful in your observations and perceptions of team/group dynamics, to act in the moment with incisive questions and astute observations for greater success
  • Understand and manage unconscious bias in yourself and in others, releasing a greater flow of inclusivity and respect within the language and actions of your organisation’s’ leadership
  • Take up your role in collective thinking as a way of exceeding leadership expectations
  • Meet the challenges of becoming a role model for change

Module 4 - Reshaping the organisational scene

This final module opens the door to new thinking on collective leadership, strengthening your leadership within your organisation and points of contact within the city.
You will:

  • Explore and understand the predominant leadership culture of your organisation compared to the city and become innovative in how you can influence change
  • Understand the ‘feel good’ process in organisational systems and city systems—the extent that you can invite and sustain positive cultures
  • Learn how to grow a culture that is affirming—building self belief and self confidence in others.
  • Recognise your points of contact in the ‘cityscape’ and where you could influence change
  • Discover what you can do to support other women stepping into leadership, in your organisation and in the city

Leadership-in-Practice Groups

Between modules participants will put their learning into practice drawing on the support of Leadership-in-Practice groups. These groups take learning to greater depths, providing a space to look at personal situations and recognise unseen barriers that are rarely noticed.

The small group structure provides an opportunity to focus on live issues, discovering how to see different perspectives, options and possibilities through the group discussion. 


The 360FF is a feedback:feedforward process that looks at how you can develop your leadership to achieve your own vision of the future. To enrich your learning you will be coached to engage in dialogue with some or all of your nominees in a way that builds your understanding of their 360FF responses, strengthening your relationship with each of them.

Leadership coaching (optional)

Leadership coaching offers a space for personal exploration and reflection in depth, in your own special time, with a highly skilled and experienced coach. Building on core themes from the programme and the feedback from your 360FF you are encouraged to use your coaching time for deep self reflection.

As many senior-level people already have regular coaching, it is not assumed that all participants will want coaching to supplement their learning. Coaching contracts are therefore agreed as and when needed. Please contact Sue Congram if you would like to contract for some coaching before the programme starts. Once the programme begins you will be able to arrange this through your facilitation team.


The full fee per person: £6000* (plus VAT) for the four 2-day Modules,  360FF coaching,  and three Leadership-in-Practice half-days.

This is a non-residential programme. 

Numbers on the programme will be limited to 15, applications above 15 will be short-listed for a second programme.

*We would be happy to explore different ways to make this affordable for you if needed. There may be some bursaries available from local organisations, contributing up to two-thirds of the fee. You can ask about this when you contact us.



An evaluation process will assess the benefits of learning for each individual, the impact they make on the people around them and the advantages gained by the organisation. 

The data from this evaluation process will also provide valuable information for research, of women in leadership across different cities.