We have listened to women and in response to an expressed need for more collective, in-depth learning designs we offer a unique small group opportunity, which we call Leaderful Women Learning Pods. Each Pod is made up of between 5 & 7 members, providing a space for deep reflection and experimentation, where women learn from each other as well as supporting each other to take bold steps in their leadership.

Unique to Learning Pods is themed learning, where women receive input to expand their understanding as well as insight into their own particular circumstances.

Both face-to-face and virtual Pods can be arranged where women locally and globally can benefit. These may be groups from within the same organisation or across different organisations.

Typically Pods are run for half, one or two-day meetings every 6-12 weeks. This structure can be further supported by one-to-one coaching for individual members of the group.


To find out more, please contact us info@leaderfulwomen.org or phone +44 (0) 78 370 360 51